Rewire Home

As homes age, this is really a safety issue. According to the U.S. Fire Administration electrical malfunctions have caused over 24,000 fires.

So of course, you ask yourself about your own home. When should I rewire my house? Here are our top reasons why you should rewire your home.

  1. Your House is Over 40 Years Old.

Was your home built in 1981 or earlier? If this is the case chances are you may need to rewire your home. As new technology has changed in modern appliances, you may need to update your panel and wiring.

2. Fuses Getting Blown.

Does your circuit keep breaking? As power needs increase your home may not have the capability to scale to that needed power.

3. Hear a Buzzing or Burning Smell From the Walls?

Now, this could mean that there is incorrect wiring to just the switch. In this case, the switch should be replaced immediately. It could also mean the wiring was done incorrectly and the wiring is crossed causing a buzzing. Is there a burning smell coming from the wall? This could be a short circuit or loose connection. Call RAM Electrical Contrators, Inc. immediately.

4. Lights Flickering?

Notice your hallway or kitchen lights flickering. This could mean a bad switch. However, this may mean larger appliances are pulling large amounts of current causing the voltage to drop.

5. Sparks From Your Outlets.

Excessive heat may get built up in your outlet. This heat can cause the insulation on your wires to melt. When this insulation has melted away current running through may spark. This is a fire hazard.

If any of the above is happening to your home, call RAM Electrical Contractors, Inc. at (661) 860-7174 and schedule a service appointment today.

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