Upgrade the Exterior Lighting of Your Home

Upgrade the Exterior Lighting of Your Home

Not only will outdoor lighting make your home look great, but it will also increase the value of your home by 20%.

Here are some tips and pros to upgrade your exterior lights:

  1. Get the correct number of lights for your yard. Do you have tall trees? Large bushes and shrubs.
    before you head over to the Home Depot think about the number of the lights needed.

2. Ambient lighting is so important. Light up your walkways properly. This looks beautiful and it means safety in the

3. Security Lighting. Your lights also protect your home. Certain lights around the home can have motion detectors with them. This gives you peace of mind at night too.

4. Highlight your landscape. You’ve worked hard to get your landscaping just right. Take the time to get lights around the yard to accent your amazing lawn.

5. Increase curb appeal. The lighting around your home will increase its curb appeal in your neighborhood.

When you are ready to upgrade your exterior lighting give RAM Electrical Contractors, Inc. a call at 661-860-7174

When Should I Rewire My Home?

When Should I Rewire My Home?

As homes age, this is really a safety issue. According to the U.S. Fire Administration electrical malfunctions have caused over 24,000 fires.

So of course, you ask yourself about your own home. When should I rewire my house? Here are our top reasons why you should rewire your home.

  1. Your House is Over 40 Years Old.

Was your home built in 1981 or earlier? If this is the case chances are you may need to rewire your home. As new technology has changed in modern appliances, you may need to update your panel and wiring.

2. Fuses Getting Blown.

Does your circuit keep breaking? As power needs increase your home may not have the capability to scale to that needed power.

3. Hear a Buzzing or Burning Smell From the Walls?

Now, this could mean that there is incorrect wiring to just the switch. In this case, the switch should be replaced immediately. It could also mean the wiring was done incorrectly and the wiring is crossed causing a buzzing. Is there a burning smell coming from the wall? This could be a short circuit or loose connection. Call RAM Electrical Contrators, Inc. immediately.

4. Lights Flickering?

Notice your hallway or kitchen lights flickering. This could mean a bad switch. However, this may mean larger appliances are pulling large amounts of current causing the voltage to drop.

5. Sparks From Your Outlets.

Excessive heat may get built up in your outlet. This heat can cause the insulation on your wires to melt. When this insulation has melted away current running through may spark. This is a fire hazard.

If any of the above is happening to your home, call RAM Electrical Contractors, Inc. at (661) 860-7174 and schedule a service appointment today.

Choosing the right contractor for the job.

Choosing the right contractor for the job.

Your home is important to you. When you want to tackle a home project you’ll want to look at all factors. One of those factors is choosing the right contractor. When it comes to electrical RAM Electrical Contractors, Inc. is the right choice for you.

Founded in 2006 and with a strong crew of over 25 years of experience, RAM Electrical Contractors, Inc. has the know-how to tackle your jobs. Schedule a quote call (661) 860-7174 today!